What is a web user and how can I manage one?
Posted by Karmjit Grewal on 14 March 2017 06:57 PM

A web user is a user account within a hosting plan.

It is used to define locations for personalized web pages with individual FTP access. The result of creating a web user is a subdirectory within your domain.

A user belongs to a role. The role is composed by the control option that are given at a user.



Follow these easy to manage users:


1. Log in to your Openhost Control Panel

2. Click on the Users tab in the navigation bar


Creating a user


1. Click on the Create User Account button in the tool bar



2. Fill out the opening page as follows:



Updating a user


1. Click on the user in question



2. Click on the Change Settings button



Deleting a user


1. Follow these instructions



Follow these easy to manage roles:




1. Log in to your Openhost Control Panel


2. Click on the Users tab in the navigation bar



3. Click on the User Roles tab under "User Roles"




Creating a role


1. Click on the Create User Role button in the tool bar



2. Fill out the openning page as follows



Updating a role


1. Click on the role in question




2. Change the control options then click OK



Deleting a role


1. Follow these instructions.





We want to create a user that can only handle the mail management.


1. Create a "MailManager" role that can only access Mail management



2. Create a "PostMan" user with the MailManager role attribution



3. Log in with your new user credentials

  • Enter this URL in your web browser:
    NB: Replace "" by your domain name or your IP Address
  • Use the credentials you choose for your user

4. You can see that the user has only the access to the mail section



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