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Server Outage
Posted by Christian Derrington on 11 April 2018 08:50 AM


All systems are now fully operational. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this outage.


9:30am/  Our Engineers have now identified the issue and are in the process of fixing it.

We expect server function to return to normal after 10:30am. Thank you for your patience.


8:50am/  Some customers may be experiencing delays in sending and receiving email due to a Server Outage. 

Our Engineers are working on this with an fix ETA to follow shortly.

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UPDATE: Openhost Server Outage
Posted by Christian Derrington on 19 March 2018 05:52 PM

UPDATE: This outage was resolved at 6:00pm




We have a server outage on our Openhost platform which will be effecting a limited number of customers. Fix is underway with an ETA of 18:15 for completion.


Apologies for inconvenience.



Openhost Support

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UPDATE: Web & Mail Server Issues) updated
Posted by Nicola Harris on 15 March 2018 06:18 PM

Dear Customer,


This morning some customers may have experienced difficulty with their websites not working or email not being received. 

At around 10:00am our Openhost shared hosting environment was the victim of a DOS (Denial Of Service) attack. The hosting environment started slowing down around 10:15am due to being overrun with requests on the internet facing ports. Once the source range of the attack was identified, we initiated blocks on the traffic to our hosts.

During the period of the attack, websites and emails hosted on the Openhost platform may have performed suboptimally, however any incoming emails which could not be delivered at the time should now have been delivered. Please note that no email will have been lost through this incident.

Our Support Team were very busy during this time and we apologise if you were unable to get an immediate response from us.

All systems are now fully operational and we are monitoring the situation closely.

Once again we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,

The Openhost Team

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Web & Mail Server Issues
Posted by Nicola Harris on 15 March 2018 10:58 AM

Dear Customer -

We are currently experiencing high demand in our service desk due to a technical issue with some of our web & mail servers, impacting the sending & receiving of some customers email and website browsing.

The team are working with urgency to resolve, meanwhile we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience.

Kind Regards


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UPDATED: Openhost support 0800 temporarily down
Posted by Tim Botherway on 10 March 2018 11:37 AM

Dear Customers,

We are facing an issue with our 0800 Openhost number not reaching through to the support extension(Ext 1) correctly.  While this is being remedied please feel free to reach us on the sales line (Ext 2) to reach our technical support, as this is working.

We thank you for your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience.


UPDATE: Now resolved as of 12:48 PM



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UPDATED: Kernel Memory Issue - Spectre and Meltdown
Posted by Aliesha Ellington on 24 January 2018 11:04 AM

24/01/18 11.03AM

Our engineers have successfully applied all the relevant operating system patches across our Microsoft hosts.
Linux servers are approximately 50% done, and completion will progress during the course of the week.
Unfortunately hardware firmware updates are constantly being released and revoked due to stability issues they are presenting.
As per recommendation from Intel, its advisable to not apply their current release. We subsequently took the decision to hold back on any firmware updates until the “fixes” have matured in stability.



12/01/18 2.49PM

In response to the global Kernel Memory Leakage vulnerability issues that have circulated throughout the last week, we have worked closely with our hardware and operating system vendors to initiate remedial actions.  

As there is no single fix to cover all the variants of Meltdown and Spectre, we are completing our patching in a phased approach, as outlined below.

Virtualization Platform

  • Our virtualization platform has been patched up to the current vendor issued baseline.
  • There are 2 remaining specific patches which are pending. These depend on the availability of a vendor firmware patch, which we expect to be released in the coming days.

Infrastructure Hardware

  • The majority of our vendors have already released firmware patches, and patching is in progress.
  • For the few still outstanding we are actively tracking availability with the vendor.
  • For hardware that does not have applicable firmware patches, we are also patching the overlying Operating Systems for additional mitigation.  

Operating System Patches    

  • Microsoft have released patches for Windows Operating Systems. Over 50% of our systems are already patched, with the remaining systems being completed next week.
  • The majority of Linux distributions have already released their OS patches, but there are a few who we are still waiting on. We plan to address these patches in our next patch cycle at the beginning of February, so we can include all outstanding patches.
  • We are investigating the possibility of bringing the patch cycle forward, depending on the availability of the Linux patches.

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