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Changing your Hosting Plan
Posted by Karmjit Grewal on 15 March 2017 03:43 PM

To pay via Automatic Payment the minimum subscription requirement is 3 MONTHS.

To change your payment method, please follow these steps:


1. Log in to your Control Panel

2. Choose your hosting plan in the Subscription drop-down box (top right)


3. You will also need to disable your current Credit Card, see how to do it here

4. IF your subscription period is less than 3 months, proceed as follow:

  • Click on the account tab in the navigation bar. Click on the Change Hosting Plan button in the store section


  • Choose at least the 3 month subscription


  • Once you choose your Hosting Plan, click on the Next button in the toolbar

  • Choose the optional Applications you want and click on the Next button. Follow the rest of the pages through


NB: Our systems generate an order, and as soon as payment is received a tax invoice will be raised. These documents will automatically be emailed to the email address specified as the contact address at sign up stage.

5. Please consult our Bank Account information here to make a payment

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