Which directory should I upload my site in?
Posted by Tim Botherway on 23 May 2017 12:42 PM

The right directory is: /httpdocs

/httpdocs is the default root for all your website pages and is where your "index" file should be located


To find this directory, please follow these steps:


1. log in to your Openhost Control Panel

2. Choose your hosting plan in the Subscription drop-down box (top right)


3. Click on the Files tab in the navigation bar




4. On the File Manger page, you will find the httpdocs directory in the left panel




NB: There is an order of precedence in displaying a default webpage that varies from system to system. On Windows it is default.htm, Default.asp, index.htm, default.aspx, so if you upload your site, and the domain default page is still showing, then you should check and see if there is another default page that is higher in order of precedence. (if you are sure it is not your default page, then you can safely delete the file from your account)

To find this directory, please follow these steps:


1. In the Websites & Domains page, click on the Hosting Settings link next to the domain in question




2. Change the name of the directory in the Document root field and click OK to save




Note for Linux Website Hosting plan:

  • Files for serving over SSL should also be placed here


Note for Windows Website Hosting plan:

  • /httpsdocs is used for providing for "shared SSL"


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