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Openhost alternative mail server for email client
Posted by Tim Botherway on 27 March 2018 10:20 AM

The standard setup for email clients is to use however you can use an alternative.  This has advantages such as using SSL encryption without the prompt of the certificate not being trusted, as you're using the direct servers SSL.  There are two options for how you can can find the server:


Option #1:

When logged into your Plesk control panel, you can hover over any of the links or icons and it will show the link address in the bottom right of the corner of your browser:

So this case, we can now set the mail server as "" as opposed to "mail.domain"

Option #2:

If you have access to more advanced tools such as CLI / putty agent for a linux server you can use:

1. 'dig <domain>' to get the IP.  This is the equivalent of doing a ping test

2. Once you have the IP you can run "host <IP>" to show the host name


Knowing what server your host lives on, is also helpful to find out if you're facing server outages.  If you dig/ping your server address and it returns output for example you can tell that the server is indeed still running, and there maybe an issue isolated to your own personal configuration.  If you're ever experiencing email issues, always remember to use webmail (webmail.<domain>) to validate that:
1) You have the correct username and password
2) The server is operating correctly

If you are facing issues with webmail, do feel free to get in contact with us, so we can help diagnose server issues further.


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