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How to Register a Domain Name
Posted by Tim Botherway on 30 July 2018 06:05 PM

If you’re a brand new customer:

You can register a domain via our domain names registration page which can be found here

If you’re an existing customer:

Once you’ve logged into your account you can register a domain with the following steps:

1. On the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen, you should see the option for ‘Domains’, select this and it should bring you to the Domains Screen listing all your current domains.

2. At the top you should see ‘Add New Domain’, select this, and on the next page you will be presented with Register ‘New Domain, ‘Transfer your domain and ‘Add your Domain’.

3. You will need first to search your domain to ensure it is available for registration, do by using the search text box under ‘Find Domain’. You can simply put the name on its own, or include its extension such as at the end of the name.

4. The results will show you if the domain is available as well as any other relative extensions such as should you want to hold the domains to prevent others from using them also. You’ll also be presented with the option enable WHOIS, and DNSSEC, more info on that can be found by clicking on their name.

5. Click submit at the bottom; then you will be presented to confirm your purchase and select your payment option then click ‘Purchase’.

6. You’ll go back to your domains screen like in Step 1, and you should quickly see a dialogue notification saying the domain is in progress to be registered.  Allow up to 5 minutes, and your domain will then appear in the table below, which is your domains list.



How long till I can start using my domain?
As the domain is still establishing itself on the internet, please allow up to 24 – 48 hours for any content to start showing in your browser.

I would like to transfer in a domain?
See our article on transferring domains

It said the domain was in progress, but it hasn’t appeared in my domains list
Refresh the screen by clicking on the Domains menu option on the left-hand side, and check your notifications area (bell icon top right) showing it has complete.  If there are errors contact us on

I didn’t get to set my domain contact details?
The system will allocate your domain contacts by using the credentials specified by the account owner.  You can change this at any time using our update account contacts guide

Can I put a back order on registering a domain at a later date when it becomes available?
This is a service that is not offered.


What is a Domain Name?A domain name is the first step in securing your website online. When you purchase a domain name, you are effectively registering the rights to that name, so it is searchable in the world wide web. Simply put, domains act as an address on the internet and help put a human-readable name in front of a broad range of IP address that controls online traffic known as DNS.


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