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How do i cancel my domain
Posted by Tim Botherway on 30 July 2018 07:12 PM


You can cancel your domain name at any time within your panel by doing the following:

1. Go to the Domain section, by clicking on ‘Domains’ on the left navigation bar.

2. View the domain summary by clicking on the domain name itself, or under ‘Actions’ next to the appropriate domain name select ‘View Summary’.

3. Under the Domain Registration panel, go to ‘Actions’ drop-down and select ‘Cancel Subscription’ as per below:



4. You will be prompted to provide any feedback, which is much appreciated good or bad.

5. You won’t be instantly prompted that it's been cancelled. But if you load back up the Domains section on the left navigation bar, you will soon see its been disabled


Can I get a refund for my domain?
Refunds can only be given to specific domains under specific criteria. For example, a domain can be refunded if it's cancelled within the first four days after it's registered. There are no refunds on renewals. 

I cancelled my domain by accident, can I get it back?
If you contact us within 24 hours, we may be able to stop cancellation. The longer it is left, the less chance we have of retrieving it.

How long does the domain become available to the public to register once its cancelled?
You still have a 90 day period where it is in 'pending release' state, incase you have a change of mind before you relinquish the rights to that domain name.



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