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Setting up DNS for Office 365
Posted by Tim Botherway on 30 July 2018 07:37 PM

Setting up DNS for Office 365

How to setup Office 365 records can be overwhelming at first as they use advanced DNS records to link it to your domain, see our guide on how to Add DNS record<link to article> to familiarise yourself:

TXT Record

The first record usually given is the TXT record, which is used to validate your O365 account against the domain.  For the host's area you leave this blank as it applied to the master domain and not any subdomain. Microsoft will provide you with something like the following: IN TXT MS=msXXXXXXXX TXT @ MS=msXXXXXXXX

It will also ask you to set an SPF record against the domain for v=spf1 -all




CNAME records

Microsoft will supply you with a couple of CNAME values that will look similar to these:



All CNAMES must be added in individually, as required by Microsoft. When it refers to the host, that is essentially a subdomain for your domain. E.g. To add a CNAME to our system, it will look similar to below:



SRV records:

SRV records have a lot more parameters to enter than any other DNS record, as you can see below:



Good news is that we tweaked our system to make this kind of records a lot easier to enter than other hosts out there. Here’s an example of the above record input in our system:



Once you’ve added those records in wait an hour or two and the records should go live and also link to your Office 365 user.



My records are not working?
Use an online tool such as to verify if they’re still propagating or not. A common mistake people make is putting the whole domain in the host's field, this would cause it to show up as hosts.domain.domain. Just remember the host's f
ield is equivalent to a subdomain, so the primary domain is already defined, and shouldn’t be entered.




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