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Managing your Openhost Applications
Posted by Tim Botherway on 01 August 2018 07:49 PM



1. If you have a CMS installed but you’re unsure what it is, click on the name of it to find more information.

2. You’ll then be back in the instance information screen, and it can give you a general idea of what is installed. This screen gives you a range of options to change your admin login details, manage your plugins and to enable automatic updates.

Removing your Application install.

1. When you go into your Applications menu and ‘Manage my Applications’ you’ll see on far right a ‘Remove’ button next to the installed CMS.

2. NOTE: Ensure you’re ok to remove the application, as this will delete all data associated with it so ensure you have backed up anything crucial.

3. Once you’ve clicked remove, it will delete the application. If no other applications are installed, you’ll be taken back to the ‘Featured Applications’ screen.



How do I use the application to build my website?
We do not offer web development services, so advice on this subject is out of scope for us. However, for popular CMS like WordPress, there is an extensive range of knowledge that can be found on the internet, a quick google and you will find it pretty quickly.

Should I use the auto-updater for my applications?
Generally, this is recommended from a security standpoint, as web applications are often targeted by hackers for exploits so they can put malware on your website. This does require due-diligence however, as updates can cause some features of your websites to break, so do so at your discretion.

I installed an application from FTP, but it’s not showing up in here
Any installations not done through our application install, won’t be integrated into our system so won’t have these additional features.


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