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Finding Statistics of my website
Posted by Tim Botherway on 01 August 2018 08:01 PM


1. In your account, go to ‘Webhosting Plesk’ on the left-hand menu, to view your websites that have a hosting service.

2. Click into the hosting summary, by click on the panel for the website, such as below:

3. In the 'tools' section, you’ll see a panel for ‘Web analytics’, click on ‘Open’.

4. You’ll be taken to a new tab; this will ask for your username or password to view this information. You need to supply the FTP credentials to get access this page, if you don’t have your FTP credentials see our Openhost FTP article

5. Once you’re in the statistics page, you can see your month by month summary. To get a more detailed report on the month, click on its link



Am I missing some data for my statistics?
Reach out to our support team, as we may need to resync your statistics.

I’ve got a lot of hits from a certain hostname that I think may be attacking my site?
Reach out to your developer, as they can put in code to block access to specific IP’s.

I seem to be getting a lot fewer hits now that I use to several months ago?
Your domain may drop SEO ranking; you can employ a company like Synapse Search to help improve your search engine ranking.



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