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How Do I Backup my Website?
Posted by Tim Botherway on 01 August 2018 08:03 PM

The following article refers to the Plesk Backup Manager which is freely available in your control panel. See here for Acronis backup guides.



1. Once you’re logged into your account, go to ‘Webhosting Plesk’ to view your websites that have hosting

2. Click into the hosting summary, by click on the panel for the website.

3. At the bottom, under ‘Webspace (domain)’ panel, click on the drop-down for ‘Back Up Websites

4. Click on the ‘Back Up’ button at the top to begin a backup. If no backups exist currently, you will automatically be taken into this screen.

5. Here you can choose the backup parameters you wish, ideally for your first back up; you will want to do a full backup to ensure all data is collected, then periodic incremental backups from there on out.

6. Once you’ve set the settings to what you want, click ok and the backup process will begin. The backup process may take several minutes but once done you’ll be taken back to the backup manager page where you can view your latest back up.



How do I automatically back up my website?
This can be done by clicking on ‘Schedule’ on the backup manager. Here you can see daily, weekly, monthly backups of your choosing. Be aware that backups add up over time and you can run out of disk space very quickly if you do it frequently.

Can I download my backups to store on my computers local hard drive?
Yes! And this is good practice, so you have your backups in more than one location for redundancy. Just click on the green downwards arrow on the far right of the back up next to the size.

Can I take backups and upload them to another hosting space via FTP?
Yes, when you’re creating your back up, under ‘Store in’ you can select ‘configure’. Here you can specify the FTP credentials of where you want to store your backups.

Is my data backed up anywhere else?
We also keep backups up to 7 days for emergencies for all services. Although there is a cost to restore these at $130 per hour + GST, minimum charge of 30 minutes for our engineers time.







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