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How do i create an email address
Posted by Tim Botherway on 02 August 2018 05:34 PM



1. On the left-hand menu, select ‘Webhosting Plesk Mail

2. Select ‘Add New Mailbox

3. In this screen, you need to specify the following details for the mailbox:

Email Address: the username you want, e.g.,
Mailbox Password: The password you will use to sign in to your inbox. This is different to your account password.
Mailbox Owner: This is tied to the specific user that owns the hosting. You can choose alternate users if you want to silo off access to particular users.

4. Once done, select ‘Create’ at the bottom right of the page.



How do I make mail inboxes for other domains?
As long as they have a hosting subscription to host the mailboxes, you can select your other domains by choosing ‘See all domains’.

Can I use special characters like !#&
No, you can only use plus, dash, underscore, full stop (+ - _ .)

What should I set for my email password?
Password requirements are minimum of 8 characters, have an uppercase, have a number and a special character. This is to ensure your password is not too easy to guess and is for your protection and privacy.

How many inboxes can I create?
As much as your subscription will allow. When creating a mailbox, it should show the total of inboxes you have created currently and the limit.



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