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Openhost iPhone Mail Setup
Posted by Tim Botherway on 17 August 2018 03:58 PM

If you would like to sync your emails to your iPhone mail app, then you can do so with the following guide.  

Note: This guide is built with iOS 11, If you are using iOS 10 or below the only difference is in step 1 you would select ‘Mail’ from within Settings rather than ‘Accounts and passwords’

1. On your iPhone find the ‘Settings’.  Once in here you will want to select ‘Accounts & Passwords’ as shown below:

2. Select ‘Add Account’.

The below screen will only show if you already have another account setup such as iCloud.  If you have a new phone and haven’t set up an account yet, you will be taken to step 3 when you open the mail app.

3. Select ‘Other’.

This is to ensure you can choose the IMAP / POP3 protocol, the other options are for paid subscriptions with those respective companies, so you don’t need to worry about those.

4. Select ‘Add Mail Account

5. Here you will fill out your details to the following:

Name The Name you want to display in other recipients inbox
Email The Openhost mailbox you've setup
Password The password you've set for the specific email.  This is different to your Openhost account password
Description For your own records a description for this email account.

Example of a filled out template is below:


Then select 'Next' at the top right

6. This will then try to connect to Openhost mail servers, to which you will need to specify mail.<yourdomain> or the direct server

7. When you go next you will then connect to the Openhost mail server, but may be prompted to accept the Server identity.  Select ‘Continue’ on this.

8. Your iPhone will now be setup!

As this is a first time setup guide, check out our other guides:

- Configuring Incoming Mail Settings on iPhone
- Configuring Outgoing Mail Settings on iPhone


I get errors on my iPhone trying to setup the mail

This can be a few things:
- You have the wrong password, check the following article to reset it
- You have input the wrong servers, in which case you may want to go back and start again
- You may need to tweak your Incoming / Outgoing Mail Settings further.

Can I add more than one email to my iPhone?
Yes, you can add as much as you want, but just make sure you manage them correctly as you may get a lot of email notifications.

I’ve tried everything but I can’t add my email on my iPhone
There can be a lot of different variables such as software, network and even configuration of the iPhone.   If you need assistance it is best to reach out to your IT provider for further assistance.  Openhost can not help with iPhone issues as its not a product we sell nor provide support for so it is out of scope.