Knowledgebase: Openhost Mail Setup
Openhost iPhone Outgoing Mail Settings
Posted by Tim Botherway on 21 August 2018 09:19 AM



1. Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Accounts & Passwords’ (iOS 11) / ‘Mail’ (iOS 10 or below).




2. Click on the Openhost account that is already added to your iPhone. If you haven’t added the account yet, see our guide here first. Once done again click on the ‘Account’ on the next screen.


3. This screen will be your email credentials and settings but for the outgoing mail settings you need to tap ‘SMTP’ under Outgoing Mail Server.



4. In the SMTP advanced settings you can now configure three main aspects:


Use SSL: This is an encryption method, your network may not work on SSL so you’ll need to turn it off


Authentication: This must be on, and you want it set to ‘Password’. This is used to authenticate your account to the mail server when sending


Server Port: This can be changed and will change by default when changing SSL on off.




I can receive but not send?

We’ve discovered that 8 / 10 times this is due a network issue due to a blacklisted IP, simply turning off your router for 10 minutes to reset your IP address can fix this. More information can be found here


How many emails can I send in bulk?

300 per hour.


What are the ideal outgoing server settings?


In order

Port Encryption Type
465 SSL
25 None