Knowledgebase: Openhost Mail Setup
Openhost Mac Mail Incoming Settings
Posted by Tim Botherway on 21 August 2018 10:16 AM

This guide is made at the time of High Sierra MacOS, and the latest MacMail v10. Your interface may be slightly different but the same principles can be followed to help set up your software.


1. Open Mail, from the Dock menu.


2. Once you have the application opened; from the top menu, click Mail then Preferences.


3. This will load on the ‘General’ tab, so you need to select the ‘Accounts’ tab then click on the 'Server Settings' sub tab.



4. On this page you want to deselect ‘Automatically manage connection settings’. This will now show up your port settings & TLS/SSL encryption so you can configure your software further.



The ideal settings are as follows:
Hostname: mail.<domain> / direct server
IMAP Port: 143
Use TLS/SSL: None
Alternative Settings
Hostname: mail.<domain> / direct server
IMAP Port: 993
Use TLS/SSL: 587



I still can’t connect and get errors from Mac Mail:

This is most likely a password issue. Confirm you can login online via webmail.<domain>, if you can’t then login and reset your email password. Your username may also be shortened, so it must be the full email address.


I’ve followed all the above and I still can’t connect:
You may want to reach out to your IT provider to look and diagnose your Apple device further, as if it connects to Webmail that is proof there isn’t anything server related that can we look into further.