Knowledgebase: Openhost Mail Setup
Openhost Mac Mail Outgoing Settings
Posted by Tim Botherway on 21 August 2018 11:52 AM



1. Open 'Mail', from the Dock menu.


2. Once you have the application opened; from the top menu, click ‘Mail’ then ‘Preferences’.


3. Preferences will load on the 'General' tab, so you need to select the 'Accounts' tab.  Here you will then want to select the dropdown for 'Account:' under the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) heading.  This will show you the current saved server for you to configure, so click on the 'Edit SMTP Server List...' to go to the next screen.



4. In the SMTP Server List, you will want to select your Server if there is more than one, and then select the ‘Advanced’ tab. Here you can edit the Hostname, Port and SSL/TLS method.


Ideal SMTP Setup is as follows:


Hostname: mail.<domain> / direct server
Port: 587 ( fine for both IMAP & POP3)
Use TLS/SSL: Ticked
Authentication Password


Alternative SMTP Settings:


Hostname: mail.<domain> / direct server
Port: 465 ( fine for both IMAP & POP3)
Use TLS/SSL: Ticked
Authentication Password



I followed the above settings, but I still can’t send an email (I can receive, however).

Most likely network issue, you will want to turn off your router for 10 minutes to get a new IP address and try sending email again.


I’ve got the right password, but I still get wrong password errors

If you’ve confirmed your password works in webmail, then you may have another Authentication method configured in Step 4. Mac Mail often tries it put it on ‘md5’ by default, so simply change this to 'Password'


I get relayed Access denied emails when I try send:

You’re sending without the correct authentication. Password must be selected for Authentication to send out email.