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Openhost Outlook Setup Guide
Posted by Tim Botherway on 21 August 2018 12:09 PM

This guide is for the new Outlook 2016 version as of August 2018. If your Outlook is out of date you can update it via File >> Office Account >> Update Options >> Update Now.




1. Once you have Microsoft Outlook open, from the top menu select ‘File’.




2. Select the 'Account Settings' button, then 'Account Settings' again from its drop-down listing.



3. By default, you will be in the Email Accounts window, from here you would select ‘New…’. If you have already attempted a setup, you would select the current email listed and select ‘Change…




4. On the setup screen, it will ask to input your email. Put in the full email address and select ‘Advanced Options’ and then a checkbox will appear. Select this check box to confirm ‘Let me set up my account manually’. Once done select ‘Connect’.




5. On the next screen, it will ask for you to input the password. This password is the password for the email address; this will not be the password for your Openhost account.



6. As our servers are set up in a way to configure your Outlook correctly, this profile now is added. You can try and test by sending yourself an email to prove you can send/receive. On the last window select ‘Done’.




If you run into any issues, check out our advanced set-up guide for Openhost Outlook 2016 Mail Settings