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How do I Install Wordpress , Joomla , Drupal and other Applications?
Posted by Tim Botherway on 04 September 2018 02:36 PM


How to install an application such as WordPress:

1. Go to ‘Webhosting Plesk’ to view your websites that have hosting

2. Click into the hosting summary, by click on the panel for the website.


3. On the ‘Applications’ panel, click on ‘Install & Manage’.

4. By default, if you have no applications installed, you will be presented with the ‘Featured Applications’ window which will give you the options to install WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Click on ‘install’ to have it install the software to your hosting subscription. Once complete, it will now be installed and you’ll presented with the instance information. Here you can login to the admin panel, change the admin credentials, check for updates, and manage your plugins.

Doing a custom install (advanced):

1. Follow steps 1-3 above.

2. Once you see the applications listed in either ‘Featured Applications’ or ‘All available Applications’ on the install button is a small downward arrow, click on that to bring up more options. In here you can select ‘Install (Custom)



3. Agree to terms and services on the next page.

4. If you’re familiar with WordPress, there are more custom options you can change now such as admin access, database configurations and install paths. These are all taken care of in the simple install and generated for you.


A new version came out, and you guys don’t have it, can I get it?
As we rely on our hosting platform provider Plesk to supply these applications in their own APS catalogue, new releases may not be available immediately. This doesn’t inhibit you, however, as you can still install a package manually (may need to contact your developer with help on installation).

I got an error message when installing an application.
Try a second time, and if the problem persists take a screenshot or copy the error message and send an email to our support team so we can help resolve the issue

How many installs can I have on one domain?
As much as you want, this is only limited to your diskspace.  However multiple installations to the same install path will often overwrite old data so can cause broken content.



We offer a large range of applications, but this doesn’t mean we provide support for all the applications if you are having difficulty using a particular software you may wish to reach out to a developer to give you further assistance or get them to manage it for you.

Also, we provide a large range of applications under ‘All available Applications’, just beware not all of these packages are free and may require a paid license to activate.






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