Upgrading / Downgrading Your Acronis Backup Plan
Posted by Joshua Armstrong on 08 June 2019 11:50 AM

The Acronis backup tool is available as 3 different service plans, each with 3 disk space resource tiers as can be found here on our website.

Each plan type, differs primarily based on the type of device, the number of devices, and the number of users as these are semi-permanent resource changes, unlike disk space. 

Plan Types

  • Personal - Personal backup plans are aimed at customers with a basic requirement to backup personal devices. 
  • Small Business - Small Business backup plans are aimed at customers with a small business requirement to backup work devices, and company assets for multiple users.
  • Ultimate - Ultimate backup plans are aimed at customers with an advanced business requirement for backup services covering a large number of users, devices and company assets.
  • Custom - Talk to us about how we can tailor a custom backup plan for your specific needs


How can I upgrade or downgrade my existing Acronis service plan?


1. Upgrades or downgrades can be completed directly through your Openhost customer dashboard by logging in from the website here.

2. Once logged in, navigate the menu to 'Account' > 'Subscriptions' > Select your Acronis Backup service.

3. Select from this screen, the 'Change Plan' option as shown below.


4. The next screen is where you can select the desired plan you want to move to, before pressing the 'Next' option at the bottom of the page. You can change between any service plan at any resource tier.

5. The following screen will ask you to specify any ADDITIONAL storage needs you might have outside of the included plan resource, before selecting 'Finish'.

6. Once the purchase order is complete, your plan change will be provisioned immediately and should be ready to use in a few minutes. Purchase orders can be reviewed for completion under the 'Accounts' > 'Orders and Invoices' menu.





How long will a upgrade or downgrade take?

Upgrades or downgrades will complete within minutes of the purchase order being completed. Downgrades will be pro-rata credited.


What happens if I downgrade my plan from a higher tier to a lower tier with less resources?

If your currently occupied disk space resource exceeds the plan limit, you will be unable to perform and further backup task. Restoration from backup is still possible until the backup expires.


Can I move my Acronis plan from one account to another?

As the backup and devices are tied to the account user, we cannot move Acronis service plans between customer accounts.


What if my back up needs do not fit within any of the specified service plans?

Reach out to our support or sales team here and discuss what we can do for you with a custom plan.


What happens if I exceed my service plans allocated resource limits?

Exceeding your backup storage space will cause new backups to fail, as well as prevent any changes to the user resource allocation. Reaching your user or device limit will prevent you from adding further devices. You can either choose to either upgrade your plan, or simply add a storage pack, see more about storage packs here.  


How do I cancel my Acronis plan?

Acronis subscriptions can be cancelled just like any other subscription through the customer dashboard, under the 'Account' > 'Subscriptions' menu.

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