Acronis Storage Packs
Posted by Joshua Armstrong on 08 June 2019 12:48 PM

How to add Acronis storage packs? 

Acronis storage packs are intended for situations where a user requires a temporary increase in disk space resource. Long term, plan upgrades are a more cost effective solution for a disk space resource increase. See the available Acronis plan options here.




1. Login as the Openhost admin user and browse to the 'Backup' menu in your customer dashboard.

2. Scrolling down, under the 'Subscription Limits' heading, you will find the 'Adjust Limits' button.


3. The following screen will present a number of storage pack options for you to turn 'On' or 'Off', before selecting the 'OK' button at the bottom. 


4. Confirm your order before placing the order using the 'Confirm' option.


5. The storage pack will be applied to the Acronis backup plan, within minutes of payment being completed for this order.




Can I select multiple storage packs to be applied?

Yes, you can choose to add multiple storage packs in combination.


What will happen if I remove a storage pack, while I am in excess of the storage limits without the storage pack applied?

The currently stored backups will still be available but no further backup events will be possible, only recovery, while the current usage is in excess of the allocated disk space limits. In addition, further changes to user resources will fail to apply while you are in excess of the plan total disk resources.


What happens if I cancel a storage pack, before the monthly billing rolls over?

The storage packs are pre-paid on a monthly basis. Removing the storage pack before the end of the month will generate a pro-rata credit for the remaining term.


Once adding a storage pack to my plan, will I need to allocate this to a user?

Yes, you will need to assign the available space to the user requiring additional space from the Openhost 'Backup' users menu.


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