Setting Up Backup Users
Posted by Joshua Armstrong on 08 June 2019 01:54 PM




1. First create a new user from the 'Users' menu, or assign back up services to an existing user.


2. Next you will need to allocate specific resources from your service plan, to this user, as well as the notification options and admin privileges for the Acronis backup service.

These options can be changed in future by editing the user settings via the Openhost dashboard as an admin user.

**Note: When the service plan is created, all resources will be assigned to the admin user by default. You may need to un-assign resource from the admin user in order to allocate to new users.


3. If creating a new user, the new user will be sent an activation email containing a link where they will set the login password for the Openhost customer dashboard. 

4. When a new user logs into the Openhost dashboard for the first time, they will be require to 'Activate' their Acronis backup service and set a second password, specifically for the Acronis user account. **Note: The Openhost user and Acronis user passwords are not directly related, and can be set individually from each other.


5. Once logged in and the Acronis Backup password is set, the user can download the require backup agent software to their devices under 'Agent Downloads'...


....Or 'Log into the Backup Console' to 'Add Device' and download the required agent here.

6. Once the user has been created, you're ready to begin adding devices for backup. See our guide on how to add devices for users and perform backup tasks here.





Can I add a single device to more than one user account?

No. Adding a device and registering it to a new user account, will remove this from the previous user account. This may also give the new user, access to the previous backups stored in the cloud.


Does being an Openhost admin user account, automatically give the Acronis user admin privileges?

No, the Openhost user permissions apply to the Openhost user login for the customer dashboard. Being set to admin here, is independent from the admin user settings specifically the Acronis backup utility.


Do I have to setup a new user for each device I want to add?

No. You can choose to create users for each device you wish to backup, or simply assign all devices to the admin user so long as the one user has access to each device.


I am trying to change my Acronis resource allocation for a user, but the Openhost dashboard is stuck in 'Loading..'?

If you have exceeded your plans total disk resource allocation, any further changes to user resources may cause the Openhost Acronis dashboard to lock up, forcing the admin user to re-log. In order to resolve this issue, upgrade your plan or add a storage pack to allocate further disk resource.

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