How to Restore Acronis Device Backups as a User
Posted by Joshua Armstrong on 08 June 2019 03:02 PM

Users can restore their own backup contents for their own devices when necessary. The admin user for your Acronis subscription can also perform backups for the end user via the Acronis backup console.




1. In order to restore a device backup, you first must login to the Acronis backup console. This can be completed by logging into the Openhost customer dashboard using the Openhost username and password, or from the program application running on your device. Login via the program application on the device, will require you to supply the Acronis username and password.


2. Once logged in, locate and select the device from the 'All Devices' menu.


3. By selecting the desired device and the 'Recovery' option, you will be shown a list of recent backups to restore from. Under the 'More ways to recover...' option, number of advanced options for backups created under this user.

  • Select Machine - This option will allow you to restore a backup from one device to another compatible device, currently registered to this user account.
  • Download Files - Comprehensive list of backups created for devices previously and currently registered to this user account available for download.
  • Download ISO Image - Recover the entire machine, its disks or files by using bootable media.


4. Selecting the 'Recover Files/Folders' option will allow you to browse and select the options and content you wish to restore. If you have encrypted the backup content, you will be required to supply the encryption password set when the backup event was created. If you have lost the encryption password created at the time of the backup event, you will be unable to recover this backup.

5. 'Start Recovery' > 'Proceed' will begin the restore process if you are satisfied with the 'Recovery Options' you have selected.

6. Once the backup recovery process has begun, the 'Activity' side bar with display recovery progress. Recovery events can also be viewed under the 'Activities' menu option on the right.



How will I know If my backup recovery was successful?

The 'Activities' menu will display the recovery success or failure. You can also set in the 'Recovery Options' when running the restore task backup validation and different error handling options.


Why did my backup recovery fail?

Backup recover can fail for a number of reasons and is specified to the recovery event. You can view recover event information in the 'Activities' menu. An email message may also be delivered to the user email address with details of the failed recovery event if notifications are turned on.


Can I backup to another devices?

Yes. You can restore entire machines to a disk image to be used with bootable media, or restore directly to another device. Alternatively, you can download specific backup contents to be manually restored.


Why can I only restore to the latest backup?

If you are logged into the mobile device app, you will only see the latest backup for restoration. Login to the backup console to see full backup options.


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