Mobile Devices Using Acronis
Posted by Joshua Armstrong on 08 June 2019 03:41 PM

How do I backup and recover from a mobile device using Acronis Backup?


Unlike other device types, backup plans cannot be applied to mobile devices by the user or the administrator in the Acronis backup console.


This means, the mobile device user will need to determine what content and under what conditions the device will backup.


Backup and recovery events must also be performed from the backup agent application on the device and cannot be run from the backup console.


Backing up a Device

1. Login to Openhost customer dashboard on your mobile device. You can find the login page here:

2. Once logged into Openhost, select the 'Backup' menu option where you can view your user resource allocation.


3. Using the 'Download Agent' button, you can select the appropriate OS for your mobile device which will open your devices app store with the 'Acronis Backup' app page for download. 


Alternatively you can 'Login to backup console' and using the 'Add' device button to achieve the same.


4. Once you have installed and opened the 'Acronis Backup' application, you will be asked to sign in with your user account email and password combination.

5. The application will ask you to select what contents you want to allow access to for backup from your mobile device, contacts, photos, videos, calendars, messages. You can alter these options by selecting the gear icon in the top right. 


6. The following step will ask if you want to 'Use encryption' or skip. If you decide to use encryption, you will need to specify a device encryption password.

     ***WARNING*** If you lose the encryption password, you nor the admin user will be able to restore the device from backup.


7. The backup task will now run on your mobile device and show when completed.


8. Future backup tasks settings can be configured using the 'Settings' menu. By default, the device content will be continuously backed up and synchronized when on a Wifi networks.


Recovering a Device

1. Recovery of a mobile device can be completed from the Acronis backup console on you computer, or from the device application itself, using the Acronis backup app. 

2. When using the mobile application, you backup recovery is found under the 'Access and Recovery' menu.


3. Select the device you wish to recover backups for, before selecting which specific items you want to restore or, using the 'Recover all' option.

4. The backup recover task will now begin and display its progress on screen before completing.




Can other users see what content I am backing up on my personal devices?

Backing up your personal device, will store contacts, photos, messages and other potentially private user data on the cloud. You may for your own privacy want to enable encryption with a personal password, to prevent the admin user from accessing this backed up data without being provided your encryption password.


What happens if I uninstall the Acronis application from my mobile device?

The device and backed up content will still exist on this user account for future recovery. However, the user must re-install the application in order to perform the recovery task on that device.


What happens if I lose my encryption password?

If you lose the encryption password, you nor the admin, nor Openhost, can recover the backup contents for encrypted data.

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