How to obtain authorization codes (UDAI / EPP)?
Posted by Diego Cousinet on 07 December 2010 09:04 AM

Domain names have an authorization code which allows the registrant to transfer the domain between registrars.
NZ domains and international domains such as .com handle this slightly differently.

New Zealand Domains:

The Authorization code for a .nz domain is called a UDAI code (Unique Domain Authentication Identifier).

To obain the UDAI code for your .nz domain:

  1. Log into the Openhost control panel at:
  2. Select All My Domains from the Subscription box in the top-right corner
  3. Click the All My Domains tab
  4. Click the relevant domain name in the list
  5. Click Send Auth Code

The code will be emailed to the listed registrant contact email address on the domain registration.

International Domains:

International Domains such as a .com domain do not have a 'UDAI' code. Instead, at the time when you wish to transfer them away you need to email us to request the following:
1) Disable Domain-Lock to allow transfer
2) Request release of EPP code to pass to new registrar.

If you want us to do that now, just let us know with an email to
If you are not moving the domain away as yet, then you should not request this until you plan to move.

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