Connecting to your Windows VPS
Posted by Diego Cousinet on 24 January 2011 10:17 AM

Connecting to the PowerPanel:

Click the link to your power panel in the 'System' tab of the main control panel.


This will launch a new window. (You may receive a security error here as you are connecting via HTTPS. You can ignore this, as the VPS is yours, you will be controlling it).

The username will be 'administrator', and the password will be the one you set during the purchase process.

You will see the IP address of your server in the link. Make a note of this - you may need it later. (Ignore the last part ':4643', as this just refers to the port number for the panel)

Click the link to launch the panel.


Connecting with Remote Desktop (RDP).

On a Windows computer, go Start > Run > mstsc > Return. (MSTSC stands for MicroSoft Terminal Services Client).

This will load your RDP dialogue box. Put in your IP address, username 'administrator'. You might like to check 'Allow me to save credentials' if your desktop machine is secure, as this will mean you won't have to type the credentials each time you wish to connect.

Once you are finished with your remote desktop session, log off via the start button -

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