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Do you provide SEO / Search engine optimisation service?
Posted by Adrian Grant on 31 January 2012 02:57 PM

As a web hosting provider, we don't get involved in to SEO service. However, the following information will be of assistance to you.


There are three primary Search Engines in use today: Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google is the largest of the providers by far. Bing rate second and they provide search results for themselves and Yahoo, who comes in third. Each of these have their own processes for finding, rating and displaying websites in their search results and paid advertising. On the simplest level, the processes these engines use are all fairly similar. They use specialised spider software to crawl the internet and index the information from the websites it visits. This data is then processed using algorithms to decide on the relevance of the website for when we searched for it. These algorithms are constantly updated and are kept secret from the public, so it isn't possible to know exactly how a website will rank at any given time. There are general good practice guidelines that these follow - SEO Good Practice. The Search Engines are only able to index your website if they know that it exists. This can be found via links from other websites, but the easiest way is to submit your website to the engine directly. Due to the sheer size of the internet and the amount of data that gets processed, this won't update instantly, but will be put into a queue and indexed when the Search Engines next gets to it.


Google by far is the most predominant Search Engine at the moment. Depending on where you look, they have between 70-90% of all search engine referrals on the internet. Reviews on Google also suggest that they tend to provide more relevant results than most other Search Engines. They even provide a 32 page help document on ways to increase your website's SEO: Google's SEO Starter Guide

You can add your site's URL to Google's index by submitting it to Do ensure you read their disclaimer before submitting your site as they outline what will happen upon submission. After entering your site into the URL section and filling the Captcha field, your site will be added to their index upon clicking the "Submit Request" button. Google also offer what they call AdWords. This is a pay per click service, but will get your site to show on the Search Results page. This feature is not affiliated to us in anyway and is provided for completeness of information only. More can be found on this at


Bing and Yahoo are the second and third most used search engines, respectively. Since Aug 2010, Bing has been providing english search results to Yahoo. You can find confirmation of this by looking for the "Powered by Bing" line at the bottom of the search results. To add your site to Bing, for use on Bing and Yahoo, head to their Submit Site Page. You don't need to sign up for their Webmaster tools, but can simply enter the Captcha and site into the boxes at the bottom of the page.

There is plenty of further reading available on SEO/Search Engine Optimisation by doing a google search.

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