How to upload my website files (FTP / Control Panel)?
Posted by Sinan Esen on 22 April 2015 11:47 AM

There are several methods to upload your website files to your hosting plan :



NB: We recommend uploading with FTP settings, as it is the simplest and quickest way.


But firstable, you need to understand the architecture of your files in the hosting plan:


Skeletons are file structure templates, which are used for fast automatic creation of predefined virtual host content when creating a physical hosting.


Skeleton file may contain the following top-level directories only. All other directories will be ignored during skeleton deployment.


Allowed skeleton file types are *.tgz and *.zip archives.

  • This is what your Skeleton structure should look like:





 Method 1: via FTP


  • What is FTP?


FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a method used to transfer files to upload and download from remote server.

Use of FTP:

- Copy a file from the internet to your PC

- Move a file from your PC to the internet

- Rename an existing file

- Delete a file

- Update an existing file


  • How to update or acces your FTP credentials?


1. Log in to your Openhost Control Panel

2. Choose your hosting plan in the Subscription drop-drown box (top right)


3. In the main page, click on the Web Hosting Access link next to your domain name


4. Your can change your credentials here then click OK to save your changes


5. Keep these information in mind for further use


NB: For old Plesk, please find a video tutorial here


  • How to upload files via Filezilla?


1. Download Filezilla software here (free and safe)


2. Install the software

3. Once open, you will need three information:

  • Host: Your IP address
  • Username: The one you previously changed
  • Password: The one you previously changed

Once Filled out, press the Quickconnect button


4. Understand the architecture of the software and exchange according to your needs


 NB: Please find here a tutorial video explaining the connexion to Filezilla





Method 2: Via your Control Panel


1. Log in to your Openhost Control Panel

2. Choose your hosting plan in the Subcription drop-down box (top right)


3. Click on the Files tab in the navigation bar


4. The control panel File Manager system works as follow




NB: please follow this video tutorial to understand the file manager in older Plesks.



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