How can I create a mail account?
Posted by Sinan Esen on 24 April 2015 12:15 PM

Please follow these easy to create a mail account:



Plesk 11:


1. Log in your Openhost Control Panel

2. Choose your hosting plan Subscription in the drop-down box (top right)


3. Click on the mail tab in the navigation bar


4. Click on the Create Email Address button in the tool bar


5. Fill out the information as follows:



  • To update an email address, click on the email address in question in the Mail tab.
  • The Access to the Control Panel option enables/disables the ability of the mail user to modify their own mail account.
  • The page will not allow weak passwords. Weak passwords will result in a red box appearing that advises rules for creating acceptable passwords. You will not be able to continue without satisfying these requirements.
  • Disabling the Mailbox option does precisely that. A user will not be able to log in to their mail account or use the credentials to send mail through our servers with this option disabled. Disabling a mailbox is useful for situations where mail is to be forwarded to a third-party email address, but copies are not required on our servers.





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