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How do I transfer or migrate my website to you?
Posted by Sinan Esen on 06 May 2015 09:51 AM


Migrating a website to our company is a simple process and if done properly, it will allow minimal downtime to your website and emails.


Please see our following recommendation:


1. Creating your hosting account through us:

Please note, in this step, you are not transferring your domain name to us and hence your website or emails will not get affected. They will still keep on working from the current hosting company.  
So, when you are placing an order through our system, please choose the third option of "Use existing domain, registered elsewhere" and then put in the domain that you want to do hosting with us.


2. Uploading your website:

Once the hosting account is created and paid for, you will receive an email with the subject of "***Readme***".
This email contains necessary FTP details to upload your website.  Please upload your website and create any email addresses that you currently have with the current provider.  Once you have uploaded your website, then you must preview your website to check if it is working properly from our servers.

■ This documentation may help you to transfer your website/databases.

■ This documentation may help your to create a mail account.

■ This documentation may help you to preview your website.


3. Transfering your domain name to us:

Once you are happy with your setup, then you can contact our staff members to help you transfer your domain name to us.
Essentially, in this stage, you need to point your website traffic and email traffic to our servers.
We recommend to actually transfer your domain name to us and if this is not possible, then you can change the name servers for your domain name.

■ This documentation may help you at this point.


4. Completing the process:

Once the above process is completed, it takes somewhere around 6 to 8 hours for your website and email traffic to point to us.  While this is happening, you should keep on checking your emails from your old provider.  Essentially, you want to keep your old account open for two to three days and once the transfer is finished, you can then close your account with them.  It usually takes around two to three days and we recommend to not close your account till then.  Also, during this process, at a point your website would be working from your old provider and when the web traffic switches to us, it would start working from us, hence the website switch would be seemless from your customers/users point of view.

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