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How to disable PhpBB search functionality for guest users?
Posted by Sinan Esen on 06 May 2015 11:32 AM


There has been a rise in the number of automated Spam bots running large search queries in phpBB as a guest user. These searches often result in slow website performance and may potentially take the website offline.


We recommend that customers should disable the guest search functionality and leave searching available to registered forum users where possible.

These options can be found in the phpBB administration dashboard:

1. Please login to your phpBB Administration Control Panel



2. Click on the USERS AND GROUPS tab in the navigation bar



3. Click on Group permissions in the left panel



4. Select Guests from the drop-down menu and click on Submit



5. Click on the Advanced Permissions link



6. Then click on the Misc tab



7. Set Never for the Can Search Board option, and click on Apply permissions


You can also increase the user search flood interval, which will ensure that your phpBB can not be flooded by searches from guest or registered users.


This can be done from your Administration Control Panel:


1. In the General tab, click on Search settings inside the SERVER CONFIGURATION section



2. Increase the User search flood interval



3. Increase the Common word threshold



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