How can I put my branding for my customers interface?
Posted by Sinan Esen on 06 May 2015 02:47 PM


You can customise the Plesk user interface in order to make your control panel unique and in line with your business needs. Some examples of what you can change are as follows :

1. The interface language and skin

2. Set a number of entries shown per page when displaying various lists (e.g. the list of Domains),

3. Set the limit on length of interface button labels, and allow/disallow multiple sessions under your login.


To change the interface preferences, follow these steps:


1. Log into your Openhost Control Panel

2. Choose your reseller hosting plan from the Subscription drop-down menu

3. Click on the Tools & Utilities tab in the navigation bar

4. Click on the Panel Branding button in the Panel management section

5. Fill out the information as follow:

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