Thunderbird mail setup
Posted by Sinan Esen on 07 May 2015 11:14 AM

If it's not already done, please create a mailbox first via your OpenHost Control Panel and have that username and password handy.


Follow these easy steps to set up a mailbox on Thunderbird:


1. You will need this documention for the mail settings

2. Open Thunderbird, click on your local folders, then click on Email


3. Enter the following information then click on Continue:

° Your name, as shown to others

° Your email address such as:

° The password that you have set up in your Control Panel


4. Then click on the Manual Config button


5. Fill out the information with the help of the mail setting documentation and click on Done:

° In this picture, we chose an IMAP account, therefore our incoming server hostname will be imap.yourdomain.tld.

° In case of a POP account, the server hostname is pop.yourdomain.tld.


6. Your mailbox is now set up and can be used via Thunderbird


This serie of video tutorials can also help you to configure your mailbox with Thunderbird:


1. Configuring a POP email account in ThunderBird
2. Configuring a POP email account with SSL in ThunderBird
3. Configuring an IMAP email account in ThunderBird
4. Configuring an IMAP email account with SSL in ThunderBird
5. Configuring custom ports in ThunderBird
6. Creating a signature in ThunderBird
7. How to delete an email account in ThunderBird.swf
8. How to change your email password in ThunderBird



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