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How to install and manage web applications? [Plesk 11]
Posted by Sinan Esen on 12 May 2015 11:37 AM

The Application management utility allows you to very quickly and easily install a variety of popular scripts in seconds through your Plesk Panel. Please note that while we offer the ability to easily install many third-party applications, support for these products is the responsibility of their respective owners.

NB: The following pictures use WordPress as an example, but this is a standard layout for all the applications.


-How to install web applications:


1. Log into your Openhost Control Panel


2. Choose your hosting plan from the Subscription drop-down menu


3. Click on the Application tab in the navigation bar


4. The Application management page should open:

4.1. You can either choose an Application from the featured one

4.2. Or click on All Available Applications in the left panel to choose an other one


5. Enter the Application name you want to install and click on Search


6. Click on the arrow next to "Install" then click on Install (Custom)


7. You must accept the terms of License Agreement to continue


8. Configure your Wordpress website as follow:


9. Your installation is now completed


-How to manage web applications:


1. Once in the Application tab of your Control Panel, click on Manage My Applications


2. Click on the Application you want to manage


3. You can now:

1. Change the settings (Update settings, Admin access, Database parameters...)

2. Remove your Wordpress

3. Access the Administrative entry point

4. Access the Public entry point

5. Have a global review of your actual Wordpress settings





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