How to access my MsSQL Manager from the Control Panel (Plesk 12)?
Posted by Sinan Esen on 20 July 2015 02:29 PM


Please follow these steps to access MyLittleAdmin via your Control Panel:


Step 1. Log in to your Openhost Control Panel


Step 2. Choose your hosting plan from the Subscription drop-down box (top-right)


Step 3. In the right-side panel of the Websites & Domains page, click on the MSSQL Manager (MyLittleAdmin) button to access your databases manager


Step 4. You will be then redirected to the myLittleAdmin login page, you will have to enter:

  • Your Server name (go to Step 6 if you forgot it)
  • Your Login and Password (go to Step 7 if you want to reset your password)


Note: If you do not know which Server name to use or forgot you credentials, please follow the optional steps.


Step 5 (Optional). In the Websites & Domains tab, click on the databases button next to the concerned domain


Step 6. (Optional). To know your server name, do the following:

  • Click on the Databases tab
  • You can see your server name in the Database server column


Step 7. (Optional). If your forgot your databases credentials, please do the following:

  • Click on the Users tab
  • Click on the User you want to reset the password for
  • Enter a new password then click on OK to save your changes


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