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How to reset a lost wordpress administrative password?
Posted by Louie Deocampo on 11 August 2015 01:09 PM

There are many ways to change your lost Wordpress Administrative password. But i am going to describe two of them below using step by step guide.


Method 1


Step 1. Go to your wordpress administrative login page (e.g.


Step 2. Click on Lost your password? option



Step 3. Click on Get New Password button and you will be sent an email with a link to reset your password


Step 4. Click on the Reset Your Password link in you email.


Step 5. Enter your New Password and Confirm it. Once done Click Reset Password button.


Step 6. If successful then your must see the message as below.




Method 2


Step 1. Log into your Openhost Control Panel


Step 2. Choose your hosting plan from the Subscription drop-down menu


Step 3. Under Websites & Domains section click on Databases button


Step 4. Now look for relevant database and click on webadmin link to go to phpmyadmin page


Step 5. Once your are logged into phpMyAdmin, click on wp_users table under database associated to specific wordpress installation.


Step 6. Click on Edit for username you want to reset the password by looking through user_login field


Step 7. Now under selected table follow steps below

          1. From user_pass row select MD5 under Function field

          2. Type the New Password in TextBox under Value field

          3. Now hit Go button at the right bottom corner


Step 8. If password is updated successfully your must see the following message on window


Step 9. Please log out of phpMyAdmin securely


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