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When is my credit card debited when using Auto-Renew?
Posted by Rowena Barrett on 04 November 2019 12:41 PM

The auto-renew system has standard timings for attempting to take payment from your stored card. These are:

First attempt: at thirty (30) days prior to expiry date

Second attempt: at fifteen (15) days prior to expiry date

If you set a domain to auto-renew when there is less than 30 days until expiry, the Discount Domains auto-renew system will attempt to take payment from your stored card within 24 hours.

The reason for payment in advance is to allow for the possibility that the credit card details are no longer accurate i.e. the card has been cancelled or expired. When this is the case the system will send an email to the listed contact email address in your customer profile advising that the auto-renew has failed and asking you to sign into your account to use a different method of payment.

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