Knowledgebase: DD SSL Certificates
What do I need to have before I purchase an SSL Certificate?
Posted by Rowena Barrett on 04 November 2019 03:56 PM

To order your SSL Certificate, you must be able to provide a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for your website or web server. This means that your website must already be set up on your server. If your website or server is hosted elsewhere, please contact your host to obtain a CSR, or you may be able to generate a CSR from your website or server control panel.

Your website must have a dedicated IP Address. It can still be hosted on a shared server with other websites, but it must have its own unique IP address.

Extended Validation Certificates issued to individuals require identification from that individual in the form of a valid government issued photo ID (Driver’s Licence or Passport) and a utility bill or bank statement.

Extended Validation Certificates issued to a business or corporate body require the Certificate of Incorporation for the company or corporate body. This will be verified with the Companies Office.

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