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How can I to set up your email autoresponder?
Posted by Karmjit Grewal on 05 April 2017 05:06 PM

A mail autoresponder is an automatic reply that is sent out from a given mail name when incoming mail is received at that address. Autoresponders can include both a text message and attached files. This mail function is often used on mail accounts for individuals who need an automated response because they are away, or are unable to check their mail for any number of reasons.


Learn how to set up an email autoresponder in Plesk 11:


1. Log in to your Openhost Control Panel


2. Choose your hosting from the Subscription drop-down box (top right)



3. Click on the mail tab in the navigation bar



4. Click on the email on which you want to set up an autoresponder



5. Click on the Auto-Reply tab



6. Fill out the fields as follows:



NB: Encoding differs between Windows and Linux hosting plans.



Learn how to set up an email autoresponder in older Plesks in this video tutorial

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