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Windows File and Folder Permissions Explained
Posted by Tim Botherway on 23 May 2017 04:37 PM

When you upload web content through File Manager or FTP, your control panel automatically sets the appropriate access permissions for files and directories. The permissions are set by Four usernames:

  • Administrators
  • Application pool group (IWPG_z********nz)
  • Plesk Domain User (z********nz)

The 'Administrators' account is a user account that lets you make changes that will affect other users. Administrators can change security settings, install software and hardware, and access all files on the hosting server. Administrators can also make changes to other user accounts

The 'SYSTEM' is The system account is used by the operating system and by services that run under Windows. There are many services and processes within Windows that need the capability to log on internally. By default, the system account is granted full control to all files and directories.

The 'Application Pool Group' is a Windows user account created specifically to use IIS Application Pool group. The use of separate user accounts corresponding to dedicated IIS Application Pools ensures the maximum degree of domain isolation.

The 'Plesk Domain User' is a Windows user account. It is created for domain content management purposes at the time of domain creation. It is basically you - your FTP credentials. You'd want this to have 'Modify' or 'Full' permissions so you can use FTP to upload, delete, modify files and directories.


To Modify, go into your File manager:


Once this has loaded, you can change the permission on give file.


Click 'OK' and the permissions will be modified

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