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Forgot Domains4less Account password
Posted by Tim Botherway on 03 August 2018 09:38 AM


1. Go to the Domains4less login page

2. Click Get a reminder here… 

3. Specify either your username or a domain on the account.

4. Check your emails for the password reset link, so you can set a new password.



I never received my email?

Sometimes our emails can get picked up as spam, so check your spam folder’s also for the link. We also highly recommend that you add the * domain to your safe sender list (whitelist) to prevent this from happening again.


The Forgot Password? screen asks me for my username, but I don’t know it!

Typically this is the email you used for sign up. As the account owner, you may check older invoices you have received to confirm what email is registered in our system. If you’re unsure, send an email to and provide any information such as invoice number or a domain on the account to help authenticate you.


What if the email address the password reset goes to is no longer my current email address? 

If the email address on the account is no longer valid and therefore you can’t do the password reset, please contact us on with your username and we can assist in getting you access to the account.  


Can I get my current password?

For security reasons, we will never give out your current password, so a new password must be entered each time.


I had too many failed login attempts, and it said my IP is banned?

This is a security process to prevent people trying to guess your password. After 3 failed attempts it will ban your IP for an hour, so reset your password and wait for the ban to expire.


How long does the password reset link stay valid for?

48 hours, if you didn’t generate a new password in that time click on Forgot Password again on


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