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How do I update my Domains4less contact details
Posted by Tim Botherway on 03 August 2018 09:50 AM




1. Once you login to your account go to ‘Details’ tab at the top. This by default should take you to ‘My Details



2. On the ‘My Details’ page, further down in the middle of the page will be all the contact information under ‘Default Contact details’




3. Once complete, click on ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page to complete the changes.Other than some of the obvious fields like first name last name, take note of the following:



Email Address: Needs to be active and ideally not the same as a hosted email with us. If your email expires and you need to send a password reset email, you won’t be able to receive it.

State or Province: Although it isn’t shown as required, it is for international domains like .com and you can’t transfer those into your account if this is missing

Phone Numbers: Needs to be in the right format spread across three fields.



How do I update my contact details if I don’t have access to my account?
Fill out a change of address form as found here

Can I add more than one contact?
Yes, at the bottom of the page there is ‘
Add Another Contact’, so you can add a Billing contact. 


What if I want to have a different contact for a specific service? 

In most cases, your individual domains and services would share the ‘default’ contact details for your account; however it is possible to change these details individually via the ‘Services’ tab if required. 

If you need to change the ‘Registrant’ of a domain name, you would need to perform a Registrant transfer. 

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