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How do I change my Domains4less account password
Posted by Tim Botherway on 03 August 2018 10:02 AM



1. Once you login to your account go to the ‘Details’ tab at the top. This by default should take you to ‘My Details



2. At the top under ‘Management Login Password’ you can enter your password and confirm it in the fields required:



3. Once complete, scroll to the bottom of the page press ‘Save’ to complete the changes.




I received an error ‘Some of the information you entered was not valid’

This is to do with the contact information further down that shares the same page. Just ensure your contact details are saved correctly, no missing required fields and the phone numbers are put in correctly, e.g. [+64 ] [ 021] [ 1111111 ]


Another reason is that the password was not strong enough, but this should have red text next to the password specifying ‘at least one 'Capital' letter and one number or symbol








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