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How do I find Emails sent to me from Domains4less
Posted by Tim Botherway on 28 August 2018 11:02 AM



1. Once you’re logged into your account, select the ‘Messages’ heading



2. Here by default, you will have all Email Messages History. This will have all correspondence that has come from Domains4less such as invoices and notifications.


3. Clicking on ‘(view)’ will show the full email message that has been sent also. But further down you can select ‘Print’ and ‘Email’ to make further copies of the message





Can I specify another Email to send the message to?

No, it will only be sent to your primary contact. You can forward it on from this address.


I can’t get this list printed?

If the printer selection prompt is coming up, it will be an issue with your printer and hardware.


Can I filter these messages in any way?

No currently, they are only listed by date.





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