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Differences in old and new Domains4less UI
Posted by Tim Botherway on 28 August 2018 11:40 AM



1. How to Renew a Domain

Old System: My Domains >> Select ‘Renew’ next to the domain




New System: Renewals >> Check the domain and select ‘Make Invoice and Renew



2. Change DNS


Old System: My Domains >> Setup >> Advanced Control Panel >> Login to Advanced Control Panel >> Advanced Mode (tab) >> Create New Zone Tempalte/Edit Zone template.



New System: Services >> Manage on the Domain >> Name Server Records



Change Nameservers


Old system: My Domains >> Setup >> Point to Hosting


New System: Services >> Manage on the domain >> Change Name Servers




View Invoices


Old System: My Invoices



New System: Renewals >> Documents (invoices)



Most of the interface is still fairly similar in wording, its just learning to click in different places.


The headers on old and new system has the following equivalent


Old New
My Domains My Services
My Webhosting & Email My Services
My Invoices Renewals
My Account Details
My Contacts Details
Resources & Links Support (top left)


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