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Backing up Installatron in Domains4less
Posted by Tim Botherway on 11 December 2018 09:02 AM


1. Once you login to your account, select ‘Services’ at the top.



2. You now want to select your hosting service such as ‘domains4less Basic Hosting on Linux’ and click on ‘Manage


On the next panel you will want to click on ‘Installatron Apps Installer’.



4. Along the top, click on ‘My Backups’ to view your existing backups, these are made automatically depending on your application settings.



5. As you’ll see in the example above we don’t have any backup’s created just yet as we’ve only recently installed Wordpress, so select the ‘My Applications’ tab to get in and make a backup.


You will see a ‘Backup’ button along the bottom of each Installatron application you’ve installed. To perform the backup, first use the checkbox to select the application, then click on the ‘Backup’ button.



6. On the next step, select your backup location and then click next to begin the process.


Once done you’ll be returned to the My Application page, however now your backup’s count will be another digit higher.


Restoring your Backup


1. To restore the backup simply select which backup you require by selecting the checkbox and clicking on the arrow symbol for Restore.



2. You can then choose to restore to its original location, or to a new location such as subdirectory if you only want to extract a small part of the backup. When you’ve made your choice you can select ‘Continue’ to begin the process. It will then confirm which files and database tables will be overwritten.



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