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Importing a Database into Domains4less
Posted by Tim Botherway on 11 December 2018 09:17 AM

If you have a database and want to import existing data you can do via the following:

1. Once you login to your account, select ‘Services’ at the top.



2. You now want to select your hosting service such as ‘domains4less Basic Hosting on Linux’ and click on ‘Manage



3. On the next panel, you will want to click on ‘Manage MySQL Database’.



4. On the next screen, select the DB you want to import data into and select ‘Manage’.


If you don’t have a Database to manage, click on ‘Create a new database’ to get started.


5. Next, you need to access phpMyAdmin, which is a Web tool to help administer MySQL. So select the ‘MyAdmin’ button.


6. Now that you’re in phpMyAdmin, you can use its tool to perform your DB import. Just simply select the Import button at the top.



7. On the import section, you need to simply hit ‘Browse..’ to upload the DB from your computer and then hit GO at the bottom. The other settings can be left as default unless you are aware of what you’re changing.


8. Once complete, the DB will be done.















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