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Uploading your website to Domains4less
Posted by Tim Botherway on 11 December 2018 12:22 PM

1. Once you’re logged into your Hosting Control Panel select the first icon under ‘Files’ named ‘File Manager’.


2. This will take you to the root folder of where your files live on the server. For any live website files, you will want to access the ‘public_html’ folder, so you may click on that on the left side folder tree structure or in the middle of the page.


3. Once you’re in the folder you want to upload to use the ‘Upload’ button along the top.


4. This will open a new tab to allow you to browse to the files you want to upload, or you can drag files from your computers own folders onto the browser to upload also. Through both methods, you can upload multiple files at once, just drag and highlight or hold ctrl when clicking on each file.

FTP option

You may use an FTP client also to upload your files. Simply connect to your server’s shared IP address, and input your account username and password



User: d4lexamp
Password: <account password>
Port: 21

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