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Monitoring your Disk Space and Bandwidth Usage
Posted by Tim Botherway on 11 December 2018 12:25 PM

Although we do offer large quota’s on disk space and traffic, you can still view these stats to help administer your website and analyse what is being used and where it’s being used. In your Domains4less Control Panel, there are several headings under Metrics which provide helpful information.



Provides a tally of your visitors for the day, this is particularly useful as it lists any referring URL’s that brought them in such as Google, as well as listing the IP address.


Provides useful graphs to show when your website is most active. Also shows the type of traffic that is going through your domain such as HTTP/FTP/email. Clicking on a traffic type can take you to a further daily breakdown.

Raw Access:

This provides you with the access_log that is generated on the server and downloads it to a text file on your computer. This will be completely raw and not easily presentable as the other options and is for more advanced users who use this to do more refined searching.


Very useful tool, that displays a large wealth of information. It does what bandwidth/visitor does but to a more complex and analytical level. It breaks down bandwidth and visitor numbers into relevant sections. Well worth taking the time to read from time to time to get a better understanding of how your website is operating.

Disk Usage

You can find information on disk usage underneath the ‘Files’ section, just select ‘Disk Usage’.

It will list disk usage by each folder, however further down will give a deeper tree structure breakdown to see the total sums of each directory better.


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