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Creating a Domain Alias
Posted by Tim Botherway on 11 December 2018 12:33 PM

1. Once you’ve logged into your Domains4less hosting control panel, under the ‘Domains’ section click on ‘Aliases’.



2. In the Aliases section, you can create a set up what domains you want to alias for your hosted domain.

To explain aliases:

If you have DomainA, but you also own/or control Domain B. You can create an alias for DomainB on your Domain A hosting. So whenever someone loads up DomainB it will go to DomainA. For this to work you must point DNS of Domain B to be whatever DomainA’s server is.

To find the IP address of your hosting to setup your domain aliases, this can be found at cPanel home and then ‘Shared IP address’ on the right-hand side under ‘General Information’.

If you find your aliases not working, please check your DNS on the domain. It must also be an active domain that your aliasing.

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