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Backing up your Domains4less Website
Posted by Tim Botherway on 11 December 2018 12:36 PM

1. Once you’ve logged into your Hosting Control panel under the ‘Files’ section click on ‘Backup’


2. In this area, you can choose between a full backup or partial backup. If it’s your first backup, it is recommended to do a full backup, and you can do small increments of partial backups for any changes you make over time, however, you should still routinely do full backups also.

Fill out the details like below to begin the backup:


Once you select ‘Generate Backup’ cPanel will begin the backup process, this may take several minutes but you will be notified via email once complete.

Once complete, by going back to the Backup’s screen you will now have a list of your backups available for download, just simply click on the file itself to download it to your computer. Be aware that these do take up Disk Space to store on the server.


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